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    A show from the creator of Desperate Housewives, Marc Cherry, and Executive Producer Eva Longoria. Devious Maids follows four Latina maids who work for the rich and famous in Beverly Hills, but have ambitions and dreams of their own.  


    Following last season's revelation of Flora's murderer, Rosie's shocking arrest by immigration agents, the demise of Valentina and Zoila's relationship and Carmen's fake engagement, season two promises to deliver even more excitement. Beverly Hills is hit by a wave of criminal activity that leaves its residents in a vulnerable situation. Meanwhile, Marisol engages in a new romance but quickly discovers there is more than meets the eye to her new lover. Zoila's need to control everything starts to take a toll on her personal life, especially with Valentina, who is now working for a surprising new employer. Rosie's immigration status is in flux, while Carmen embraces her life in the limelight as the fiancée to a pop star.


    Starring Susan Lucci and Ana Ortiz and produced by Eva Longoria, the show juggles a delicious mix of comedy and drama as the women try to discover who murdered their friend and fellow maid at a posh Beverly Hills party.


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